Thai massage is an in-depth modality that requires dedication, practice, and experience. It cannot be learned from a book alone. To be truly adept as a Thai practitioner requires much more than a weekend or even a five day workshop. I encourage those offering Thai bodywork to continually seek out further Thai massage education and mentoring.  Receiving as well as practicing on a consistent basis to gain experience and develop confidence in the work.

Most of the techniques learned in a workshop can be integrated into any current floor or table massage practice. I invite you to play, experience, practice, and have fun!

Thai Massage Essentials: Layers and Lines (level I)
5 Day Course
32 CE credits
Cost: $640

stretch psoas crop blueThai massage can be more than application of techniques. It is one branch of a medical system used to enhance health. This foundational Traditional Thai massage class offers both techniques and the reason behind the physical application of each technique. We will delve into the history and spirituality of Thai Medicine helping to understand what makes Thai massage therapeutic. Be prepared to spend most of each day practicing and receiving hands on Thai massage techniques.

Course Curriculum Includes:

  • Thai Yoga (Reusi Dat Ton) exercises
  • A systematic 90 minute full body massage routine
  • History and spirituality of Traditional Thai Medicine
  • Thai anatomy and physiology concepts
  • Traditional Thai massage techniques including skin warming, compression, beating, stretching, line work, joint range of motion, and traction
  • Explore the reasons behind technique choice and application
  • Receive direction on how to give shorter sessions and therapeutic spot specific treatments

$100 early bird discount paid in full four weeks before class starts

Deep Thai Bodywork:  Compression and Stretch (level II)
5 Day Course
32 CE credits
Cost: $640

 Physical therapy focus brings the bodywork to the next level with Thai deep tissue and passive stretching techniques taught in an adaptive sequence that can be tailored to individual needs. Medical theory focus is on Thai element theory and expansion of understanding of Thai anatomy and physiology.

Thai massage for the Table
35CE credits
Cost: $640

This Thai bodywork class is designed for practitioners and clients with physical restrictions limiting their ability to be on the floor. Using anatomy and physiology concepts from Thai medical theory, students will learn how to massage the body applying traditional Thai bodywork techniques. Taught with receivers fully clothed students will learn both full body and spot specific treatment sessions. Daily self care routine, morning ritual and short lectures on history and introduction to Thai medical theory help deepen the connection to this healing art.

Herbal Compress Class
Half-day Course
4 CE credits
Cost: $90

This half-day hot herbal compress class explores techniques for compress use, typical herbal formulas, and directional choices based on Traditional Thai medicine. Students will learn how to use hot herbal compresses for a full Thai bodywork session or incorporate herbal compresses into any current massage routine.

Course Curriculum Includes:

  • Safe application of hot herbal compresses to the body
  • Basic massage contraindications
  • Herbal formula for warming the tissue
  • Hands on routine for depletion using hot herbal compresses